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"The preaching essentials course was so valuable in the practicalities of what is required to step into the call of preaching. This course challenged my mindset on what it means to preach, how to effectively communicate to a congregation, and the overall steps in preparing a biblically sound message. I highly recommend this course!" —Suzanne Greenough

"One of the most impacting e-course today! Completely changed my perspective on what preaching really is and the power it holds." —Jacob Raya

"This course will certainly revolutionize what you once thought preaching was and introduce you to the beautiful honor preaching is and the weight you carry as a messenger of God's word. After sitting and leaning in Pastor Samuel Deuth's sessions , I am leaving with a fresh vision and an awe of what God has commissioned us to do; Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! You will not regret it!" —Dani Valdez


Samuel's 20+ years of preaching and ministry experience pour out into each session of this e-course.

Course Overview

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    Welcome To The Course!


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    Session 2: The Character

    • The Character Of The Preacher

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    Session 3: The Craft

    • The Craft & Practice Of The Preacher

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    Session 4: The 6 Step Message Development Process

    • The 6 Step Message Development Process

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Preach to their Monday!

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