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    Welcome To The Course!

    • About this course with Samuel Deuth

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    Session 1: The Call To Discipleship

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    Session 2: Creating A Culture of Discipleship

    • Creating a Culture Of Discipleship

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    Session 3: Discipleship Strategies

    • Discipleship Strategies & Best Practices

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    Session 4: Assimilation Best Practices (Interview w/ Alex Klott)

    • Assimilation Essentials & Interview

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Course Pricing

This course is regularly valued at over $300, but we're committed to providing the highest quality resources at the most affordable rate we can.

Learn The Best Practices of Assimilation

A highlight of this course is a detailed step by step interview with a leading church's assimilation director.

Additional Church Leader Resources

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    This practical and powerful next step guide walks the new believer through the 7 essentials after saying yes to Jesus. Great as the free gift for new salvations or guest.

  • Preaching Resources

    The gospel is the most important message on the planted, and those of us who are called to communicate that message must study to show ourselves approved. Check out for preaching protips and other resources.

  • Ministry & Coaching

    If you're interested in getting more specific coaching on discipleship and assimilation or if you'd like Samuel to minister at your church or conference, please contact us at [email protected].