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In this course Samuel Deuth helps us unpack 7 key Biblical principles on parenting!

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Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction to the 7 Biblical Principles on Parenting

    • Children Are A Gift from God!

    • Children Need Parents

    • Healthy Parents = Healthy Kids

    • Biblical Model for Parenting

  • 2

    Biblical Principle #1: Care for Them

    • We're The Primary Caregivers of our Children

  • 3

    Biblical Principle #2: Provide For Them

    • We Provide an inheritance for our children!

  • 4

    Biblical Principle #3: Teach & Guide

    • We're called to Teach & Guide our Kids!

  • 5

    Biblical Principle #4: Correct & Develop

    • Parents must be careful to correct!

  • 6

    Biblical Principle #5: Show Them Jesus

    • Our kids are our first disciples!

  • 7

    Biblical Principle #6: Empower & Release

    • Raise & Release Your kids into purpose!

  • 8

    Biblical Principle #7: Bless Your Children

    • Bless & Prophecy Life Over Your Kids!

  • 9

    You're Almost Done!

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The Bible is packed with wisdom on Parenting!

In this course, Samuel, walks you through each chapter of the book, 7 Biblical Principles on Parenting. He shares bonus content and personal application of the Biblical principles.

  • Learn what the Bible says about parenting

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  • Learn how to show your kids the basic about their faith

  • Learn how to raise and release your child into their God-given purpose